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Exhaust Service at Two Nuts & A Bolt: Passing the Smell Test

Video: The exhaust system on a vehicle is more complex than most Savannah residents realize. It contains everything from old-fashioned pipes and clamps to sophisticated computers and sensors. All Georgia folks know a properly functioning exhaust system is good for the environment, but sometimes we forg... Read More

Picking the Right Tires in Savannah

Video: Shopping for tires in Savannah can be bewildering because there are many choices. Let's simplify. There are four main classifications of tires, each designed for different purposes.First off, there are summer tires. Those who buy summer tires in Savannah are looking for maximum summertime perfor... Read More

Should Savannah Soccer Moms Follow the Severe Service Schedule?

Video: So you take your vehicle in for maintenance and the pro at Two Nuts & A Bolt tells you that you ought to change your oil more often. What? You followed the maintenance schedule – but you take a second look at that “severe service” schedule and see some of the following: 1. Most of your trips ... Read More

Savannah Drivers: What Is the Risk of High Oil Change Intervals?

Video: Savannah residents may have heard that vehicles don't need their oil changed as often as they used to. That's true. But it's not the whole story.Owing to improved engine technology and higher oil quality, most newer vehicles can go longer between oil changes than their older counterparts.So what ... Read More

The Straight and Narrow: Power Steering Service at Two Nuts & A Bolt

Video: Service to a vehicle's power steering system is part of preventive maintenance for  Savannah auto owners. This system provides power to the steering wheel so you can turn it with ease. Without power steering, all of the power to turn your vehicle's wheels would have to come from you.The central ... Read More

What Is That? Check Engine Light Service at Two Nuts & A Bolt

Video: Okay. You went to your local Savannah car wash, and while your vehicle was under the dryer, the Check Engine light started flashing. Panic! What did you just do? Something is seriously wrong with the vehicle! You head for the nearest Savannah service center, but on the way, the Check Engine ligh... Read More

Automotive Tips from Two Nuts & A Bolt: When to Replace a Damaged Tire

Video: Repair or Replace? That’s a question Savannah drivers ask when they have tire damage. Some punctures cannot be repaired because of their size or location. Punctures larger than a quarter of an inch (6.4 mm) are considered too large to be safely repaired. Punctures in the sidewall or near the shou... Read More

Two Nuts & A Bolt Maintenance Tips: The Belt Goes On

Video: All Savannah service advisors know that without the alternator, the battery will go dead in a few miles. The serpentine belt may also run the pumps for both the power steering and power brakes. And on many vehicles, the serpentine belt powers the water pump. The water pump circulates coolant th... Read More

Fuel Injection Keeps Getting Better for Savannah Motorists

Video: Savannah residents know that engines burn fuel to operate. Fuel is pumped from your fuel tank to your engine where it is squirted—or injected—into your engine's cylinders. This is the function of the fuel injectors.There are two ways to inject fuel into an engine. Fuel needs air to burn, so in th... Read More

Savannah Tire Repair

Video: Most Savannah residents have experienced a flat tire. You know it's inconvenient and a pain. Our tires are important. Keeping them in good working order isn't just a big safety issue for Savannah drivers – it also has a financial impact. With high Georgia gas prices, we've all heard about the im... Read More


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