Our vehicles are extremely complex and have many different systems working together to ultimately power the vehicle. Inside your vehicle is a highly intelligent computer system that is connected to all components of your vehicle. When a part or component breaks or stops working, a signal is sent to your vehicle’s computer. In order to determine which component is having an issue, computer diagnostics are run on your vehicle’s computer system to analyze the issue reported.

At Two Nuts and a Bolt Garage, we are the computer diagnostics and programming experts in the area. Our ASE certified technicians work on all makes and models of vehicles and employ some of the latest diagnostic technology to ensure that our scan work is accurate. If your vehicle’s check engine light has turned on, your vehicle has detected a problem with a vital component. In order to understand what triggered the check engine light to illuminate, our experts will scan your vehicle’s computer system which will in turn provide us with an error code. This error code will point us in the direction of the issue so that we can properly repair your vehicle.

The computer system is also responsible for ensuring that our modern vehicles run as efficiently as possible. These computer systems often need software updates in order to help improve your vehicle’s overall performance, increase fuel efficiency, and lower emissions. Plus, reprogramming is also often required to reset a check engine light, recognize a replacement part, or as recommended by the manufacturer based on an issue with the system that has been fixed. At our Savannah car diagnostics shop, we are able to assist when you find yourself needing reprogramming or dealing with check engine light troubles.

When you need car computer diagnostics in Savannah GA, look no further than the experts here at Two Nuts and a Bolt Garage. Call us or make an appointment online today!